Missing link : How daily devotion can change your life

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We are using most intricate technology in existence of all time, which is the human body. And its better to accept the fact that- we are using it without reading the user's manual.

Let's dig into some old wisdom to find the answer.

Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) once said "if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration…."

The concept of vibrations and human aura was first discussed on 6th century BC in a book called "Taittirya Upanishad" in Sanskrit in old India.

221 BC : In ancient china, the concept of chi energy manifested by practicing by tai chi, Qigong and even feng shui.

So, the concept of unseen energy of vibration is universally accepted. And it is also accepted that all encompassing vibration is integrated in human body

As per these scriptures we have five layers of vibration in and around our body. These layers are called "kosha" in sanskrit. Kosha meaning sheath or layer.

The five Layers are -

Annamaya kosha — the food - body sheath 
Pranamaya kosha — the breath- prana sheath 
Manomaya kosha — the mind sheath 
Vijnanamaya kosha — the intellect sheath 
Anandamaya kosha — the bliss or without - any cause - happiness sheath

Annamaya Kosha  is physical body or food sheath. When Annamaya kosha (eat-drink-and-be merry type) aligned with Pranamay and Manonay kosha ( this related universal energy exists everywhere ), our very own Intellect will have a base of stable mind.  And once this is established, it will aligned towards inner self. - when all these kosha are in the same page or aligned in one direction, the human awareness reaches a state called bliss body. Where you will be always in some sort of happiness and contentment. In this state you are vibrating on highest level and in contact with your higher self. This is the very own personal moments where your prayers are answered.

This very concept of kosha, might sound little woolly to some of you, Its a huge chapter and demands painstaking discussion. You can find more helpful topics in this website.

Now we understood and agreed that we have vibrations everywhere.  Humans have these vibrations stored or emitting in different layers which marge to universal vibration at some point.

In this post, I will discuss how we miss one very important point in the whole process and how to bring it back in everyday life to manifest what we want.

An emotional strong hold over our Life

Thought – emotions – feelings are interconnected and intertwined as we all know. If we can deliberately divert the thought process – emotions and feelings will follows the same path.  For example if we have a good thought about some one and we possess that same thought over period of time, our feelings goes along in the same direction.  And at some point it creates positive belief about that person.

To give you a quotidian example - if I believe formal shirt or some particular brand is of great value, always fits well and hold that thought strong enough in me.  My emotions will follow and when I wear that brand of shirt I will feel good and confident every time. Now whenever any important meetings pops up in office. I search for that particular shirt and wear it – I feel confident and deliver  good performance. I am not saying that shirt has done the job, but yes, eventually it contributes some part of my success in that day. So we can see here how thought emotion feeling can take positive form and manifest in our life.

What is Bhakti Yoga ?

So, in the same way if we can find ourselves holding onto one's ideal (be it Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Muhammad, Mahavira, ) for some period of time without any hindrance.  Our emotion and feeling grows around him. As a result the energy directs inward and connects to the source, source of creation, which is always on. In Indian spirituality, it is called "Bhakti Yoga" or "the path of devotion".

Once this happens and you can carry it earnestly with you at all time. Life will happen in its own natural process with highest possible way and the right way. We could never figure out with our narrow scientific notation, how naturally things, falls in places.  

In the book "Discourses of ideal" Shree Pritridev confronts that having one's ideal's/master's interest is the highest form of devotion. Naturally if we go with the formula above discussed and do all that is required.  You will grow emotion and feelings around him – if it happens for some long period of time – we will get connected to him unpretentiously. That should be enough work of one man's life – the rest will be done by the nature. Very soon people will notice life is become a blessing for the one and that is true in all the way.

Age old example of Devotion

To show how it look likes in big picture, he has taken a comparison from an Indian mythology characters, from "Ramayana". Its between Ravana the ultimate successful yogi, who have over achieved in his life, sacrifices everything and everyone for his own achievements.

And in contrast of Hanuman, who is not even a human, embraces everything and everyone for his ideals interest.

The first type got driven by his own complexities. Complexity will drive you towards illusion, not towards reality. And inn due course Ravana lost everything - his own country, son, wife, brother, lost the great battle and even all the heads ( the ten head boon from lord Brahma). He even become the most popular character in Indian mythology in "bad guy" category.

The second type doing everything for ideals interest – even burnt himself in enemy territory - become a hero and established most sacred corner of human heart. Most obvious reason is that he is driven by devotion. That everything he is doing, just doing for his ideals interest. He has nothing to gain or lose. This mentality ensures your highest active form in existence and naturally you create so much value in society – people calls it a success.

What is Devotion ? and How to practice ?

Devotion is a form of emotion, which is a kind of giving attitude, i.e. your mind, intellectual even your physical body.

By pointing all of this in one direction you are activating your energy vibration and giving it a sharpness of laser light.

Practice this -

  •  Find your ideal or mentor as per your culture or community or feelings. Of course you can experiment it and choose. Use his or her picture. If you are not ready to choose your ideal yet, you can simply use a white candle.

  • Take out 15 min in the early morning, works best if its dawn.

  •  Burn dry white sage or camphor near you. This will instantly clear the negative influence of your surroundings. And helps you to hold the mind in positive vibes.

  • Experiment and find the best rhythm of your breath, ( only you and you can find it, no any master will tell you the right style)

  •  Take 10 deep breaths, and in every exhale get more relaxed.

  • Make your own affirmation and include word grace. releases, forgive.) these words have some level of intense vibes.

  •  Keep your ideal's picture (or candle -lit) at your eye level, just watch and keep the breathing pattern at your best natural way.

  •    Your eye might have burning sensation, your mind will start wandering. - Simply aware of that and take it back to the ideal.

  •   Once you have concentrated almost in 10 min, close your eyes and try to see him/her in your mind's eye.

  •  If you can do it with patience and sincerity by your heart. your life will transform over a period of time.

I would like to know how you practice your devotion in daily life. It doesn't have to do much with religion or spirituality. Please write how you understand devotion and how you feel its importance in daily life ....

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