Detoxify your home : The mystic way│How to remove negative energy at home

All is energy, that's all it is

A fish never realize the water. In the same way we, humans, are also in the ocean of energy, but we never realize it and as a matter of fact we are ignoring it. Now it is a well known fact that everything is energy, including you, me, the table, plant, water, everything and anything you can think of. This energy vibrates at different levels of frequency and manifest itself accordingly in reality. Nothing can change this universal truth, whether we accept it or not.

But if we understand, this energy is in anything and everything, as an evolved conscious beings, we should take complete responsibility to guide our life towards positive goals.

Today I am going to talk to you about removing negative energy and how to welcome positive changes in your life. There are many, different schools and rituals is being established on this. Some of them are very effective, but very hard to follow as well and would require unique products which might not be available in your locality.

So I have suggested very simple idea which can bring happiness, joy, love and abundance in your life, if you practice wholeheartedly.

Why we should detoxify our home

First and foremost we need to understand, that every thought is energy, yet very subtle but an energy. For example, we easily pick up negative energy from someone who has very low or full of negative energy. We feel differently at different point of time in a day. It is not about your boss is a nasty person, or your husband/wife is a real pain. We can take a look at any problem through different glass as well, which can give you a whole new perspective. There must be some reason for every thing or these people has collected some bad vibes already before speaking to you. You can catch that, with their single intonation, if your mind and sense are keen enough.


Mood is a manifestation of feelings. Whatever you feel, it becomes your emotion in some time and that eventually turns to your mood. Now the very feeling depends on many subjects or situations. Detoxify you space may create a sudden effect on your mood. It works in reverse loop. For example, once your mood got alleviated, it affects positively on your emotion, this emotion becomes your feelings and your entire thoughts will change or relaxed into the bottom of your mind - your subtle body got healed or restored in this way.

This entire process can make you a completely different person in a very short period and you can start vibrating at the right frequency.

Healthy breathing

Unknowingly, we breathe polluted air, which is really not good for our heart and for our cell. Now a days, if you are from a well known city or working or even from any suburbs, you are bound to inhale the polluted air. Theirs not much you can do about it. But you can surely take some initiative to improve air quality in your home, which will create positive vibes in return.

Relationship and success

This is from my real life experience, how detoxifying negative vibes at home can change your relationship with your partner or family. This will help you to understand each other and can remove all misunderstandings.

When to detoxify your home

These are the symptoms that you or your place is into negative vibration. You should consider doing clearing bad vibrations out of your home if you find -

a. Headache

b. Bad mood or mood swings frequently

c. Feeling pressure on your heart

d. Anxiety

e. Angry on very mundane issue

f. Restlessness

g. Insomnia

h. Fatigue without much work

i. Pain in stomach

j. Not able to think clearly

These are general symptoms, which will guide you to clean the house at an energy level. Also it is good practice to clean your house after house party or before any family person yet to come from outside.

It is recommended to clean the air at dusk, when the sun is ready to set off. An that very moment many changes happen in the atmosphere.

Shamanic wisdom: Smudge Stick

From thousand and thousands of years, Native Americans and indigenous men are practicing this ritual to clean negative energy and making their space sacred. They generally use many things like white sage, cider, sweetgrass, palo santo wood and different kinds of resin like copal. These plants has sacred healing and cleansing properties, which can clear low or blocked energies.

Also, Shamanic ceremony happens, in addition with other rituals, chanting sacred mantras by the shaman (the person, believed to go back and forth in another plan in a trance state).

If you can arrange dry white sage and other material, make a smudge stick. If not you can make it with simply bay leaf, lemongrass and clove.

  • Take it over an earthen container.

  • Burn the stick and move to a different corner of your house holding the container below.

  • Rotate anticlockwise.

  • You can chant your favorite mantra or simply surrender to nature with a right intention.

  • This should be done at least weekly thrice.

The Hindu way

As per Hindu tradition, there are three things which comes as a very integral part of daily worship. Generally two times a day, dusk and dawn.

Dhoop / Incense stick - In early days incense stick were made with natural product by hand. Now a days it can be purchased in a box pack of ready to use. This has the same purpose as the smudge stick which also helps to create a divine atmosphere and graceful heart.

Shankha,conch - This is made out of dead whelk or conch, the sound of conch generates a particular frequency which kills air bacteria.

  • To create the sound you have to force narrow and deep air.
  • It has to be blown at dusk, for at least three times.


The Camphor is a product which comes out by distilling the bark and wood of the camphor tree. These days it is being created by the processing of tarpaulin oil. This is a well known negative energy cleanser, and also invites abundance in your life when burns with clove.

Asian therapy

People from East Asia believe firmly in Qi energy, which is life force energy evolving us everywhere in existence. This simple belief can change every negative things into a positive energy.

De-clutter your space - according to the believe of Qi energy needs to flow freely, when you create space and light for it. It will fill your house with life force.

A clean fish aquarium - a clean water body with Koi fish is perfect to hold the life force energy in the house or outside the house. If inside, it's a good idea to place it on the east side of your drawing room. And outside you can create a beautiful Koi fish pond.

Always close the lid of your toilet pan, as it's believed that energy will leave from that area.

These are basic steps you can follow easily. You can also buy Feng sui items and place it on different places of your house by consulting a Feng sui master.

Natural way

Epsom Salt - is a great natural cleaner of energy, you can place it anywhere in your house, especially in corners. Also, you can put a glass of water with salt and vinegar. Salt absorbs bad energy very fast.

Indoor Plants - You can find many natural indoor plants which absorb, unwanted particles from the air and purify your home. Few of the house plants also generate oxygen at night, which ensure better sleep for your family.

MUSIC - Music is also a very good natural healer, you can buy Tibetian drum music with 432 Hz or 528 Hz. You can play in the background at your house which will slowly effect on subtle to subtler level of your consciousness.

SOME holistic talk

We all are part of this infinite universe with different level of vibration. Only we as a human are blessed with the highest level of evolved consciousness. But we always have a choice of positive or negative to choose. We should make every effort to walk on the positive side of life and light, else we choose negativity automatically. There is no other way of existing..

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