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Why to became fishetarian ?

To answer this question, I would ask you a question. Do you know that why Japanese diet is the healthiest diet in the world ? ....I know there will be some argument on that, you might completely disagree with me, or simply love Mediterranean food, which is also a very healthy diet. At some point, we will all agree that Asian fellas are well known for their healthy food habits. It’s not only because of their marble-like skin or straight hair, but they are blessed with mighty long life as well.

Among all protein sources of Asian diet, fish is the most common and popular item for thousands of years. There are a large number of seafood and fish are being cooked in Asian kitchen. Cooking method varies from broiling, poaching, deep frying or grill it on the fire – from whale to squid, from Tuna to prawn, tilapia to salmon, you name it.

If, you choose, fish over animal meat

Why to choose fish over other game or animal meat, is because there are plenty of pros but less cons in the list. Most common significant points are as below:

  • Fish is a very good source of omega 3 Fatty acids, which is very healthy for brain’s neural system, specially for growing kids.

  • Fish has better quality protein, which does not produce toxins in the body, as red meat or other animal protein does.

  • Fish has less unhealthy fats and cholesterol, than other protein source.

Today, I am going to share worlds simplest, healthy and super tasty recipe in this article. Try to stick with the exact recipe. Remember, it is the simplest chosen combination of ingredients, gives you the best taste and flavour.

Recipe for Fish steak - Fish steak recipe with sauce

Quick Method

  1. Take all the ingredients in one bowl and mix it properly, add the fish steak and allow it to sink in the marination for one to two hours.
  2. By this time per boil (40%)the Potato with skin on. Once done, take it out from the water and cut it into wedges (should be able to eat in two bites).
  3. Cut fresh zucchini, onion and mushroom into bite size pics. All veg should look like almost same in size after cutting, this ensures the veg cooks evenly.
  4. Take all the veg in a bowl, add salt, pepper, mixed Italian herb, garlic powder or minced garlic and olive oil. Give it a good mix.
  5. Now, preheat your oven at 220 degree C. Place mix-veggies on one side of the tray.
  6. Add salt and pepper to the steak and place it to another side of the tray.
  7. Bake the fish and veg for 10 min, take out from the oven, add little oil to the veg and to the fish, turn the steak over.
  8. Bake it for another 20 min.
  9. Take out the fish and veg and check to cooked completely. Vegetable should stand with little bite on it.
  10. Place the roasted veg on a plate and fish on top.
  11. Turn on the gas stove. Put your oven tray on top, scratch all the food grains and oils sticking to the bottom with little water. Simmer the mix, at this stage you can add water or little chicken stack. Add salt and black pepper and finally two tablespoons of cream.
  12. Stir the mix for 3-5 min, and your sauce is ready.
  13. Pour the sauce over your plated fish steak.
  14. Most importantly, enjoy the food. Believe me, it sounds a little “too much” but once you understand the steps and do it accordingly, it will not regret the time you have given to it.

Note: This recipe is for one serving, you can definitely multiply steak and veggies as per the requirement.

Bottom Line

As we know fish is the healthiest food in the category, people are having it daily all over the world. This is a Quick, healthy and a tasty fish preparation to serve your health and taste bud together.

Let me know how do you enjoyed this recipe and with what drinks ? Also, let me know if you have changed the recipe as per your taste ? Over to you….

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