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How about a small herb that grows almost everywhere with little shade and water ?
How about a plant that has enormous value in aligning your mind, body and emotion ?
And how about that plant if it also relieves from many ailments like anxiety, depression, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, joint pain and varicose vein.

What is Gotu kola (centella asiatica) ?

Gotu kola or Centella asiatica is a small herbaceous, flowering plant in the Apiaceae family. It is an ancient plant generally grows in tropical countries in bushes i.e. South-East Asia, India and many parts of China. But it can grow anywhere as it grows in low light and watery area. You can grow it at your home in shades.

Gotu kola in folk-literature

Gotu kola is the all-country herb, known in many names and most of the name has a long historic tale behind it. It’s known as

  • Brahmi - The word Brahmi derived from the Sanskrit word “Brahman”. The word “Brahman” means the consciousness which is everywhere and in everything.
  • Horsehoof – The gotu kola leave looks like the hoof of a horse - so the name came from it.
  • Mandukaprni - In Sanskrit it means “frog-leaved”
  • Indian Pannywart - Pannywart means that rounded leaf and founded in India
  • Tiger herb - This comes from the tales of tigers, used to roll on the herbs when in need of healing.
  • Also, this is the herb, which is dearest to mighty elephants in the jungle, they are known for their long life and memory.


Indian ancient Ayurveda medicine: Gotukola plants 

Gotu kola has a prominent history In Indian traditional herbalists medicinal approach called Ayurveda. It is being found in “Charaka Samhita” dated in the 6th century CE. The fan shaped leaves are used to treat leprosy, eczema, lupus, psoriasis, varicose vein from the nineteenth century in India.
Most importantly, it has been found this little mighty herb has a quality to stabilize our energy system in the body. It helps to balance both right and left hemispheres of the brain, which helps in concentrating on anything in your life.  
It has been used in Ayurveda to treat insomnia, anxiety and depression as it has some calming properties.

Gotu kola in Chinese therapy

In Chinese, it is called Ji Xue Cao, in general, it is widely used as a dry herb form. It is being treated for Traumatic injuries, Enteritis,abdominal pain, bleeding due to heat in the blood. Hemoptysis, hematemesis. Night blindness, etc.

The name of Daoist master herbalist and martial artist Li- Ching-Yuen is very significant in this context, who lived 197 years. Yes, and I am not joking. Gotu kola is one of the significant plant, among his daily intake of herb mix.

Pennywort drink recipe : Pennywort juice recipe

It grows in bushes in East and southern part of India, most of the people who knows about it, chew it 
Bai bua bok drink

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 raw early in the morning.
  • As it is edible plant you can add it to your salad soup or sandwich.
  • It’s very popular in China in dry form.It can be taken with hot water as a tea.
  • There is a well-liked cold drink called Bai bua bok, made of fresh gotu kola leaves in Thailand.


Now a days there are many forms  available in the market. You can buy it in powder form, capsule form  or organic Gotu kola oil is available in the market.

Gotu kola side effects & dosage

Gotu kola is being used for thousands of years in different countries without any side effect. This plant does not have any such major side effects. Although it is advisable to consult your doctor or neurologist in case you feel any dizziness or headaches. That might be a cause of overdose.
  • Taking 1gm upto 4gm of powder form is advisable for adults.
  • If capsule - 1 tab twice daily or as per recommended.
  • You can also have Gotu kola tea twice a day
  • If you are eating it raw, make sure you washed it properly and eat two leaves with steam following by plenty of water in the morning empty stomach.  

Growing at your home

Gotu kola is blessing to humankind. It grows almost everywhere without much care. If you are planning to grow in your home. Make sure you follow the below guidelines.

  • As Gotu kola grows horizontally, you need at least 200 mm width pot.
  • If you are growing from seed, you can buy it from the nursery. It will take 2 - 4 weeks to germinate the seedlings. Keep in shades at all times to fasten the germination process.
  • Generally it can grow in almost any soil, so the more the richest soil you can provide the better the plant will grow.
  • Water it every day and avoid direct sunlight.

 The bottom line

The bottom line is, Gotu kola could be your go to plant. Using it daily in your diet will give you many benefits. As science is keep exploring the benefits of the plant.You can grow this little plant at your desk or kitchen and munch it fresh after you morning rituals. This will surely and definitely gives you a pack of benefits in the long run.



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