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In today's modern world a good number of people are having IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome ) and lactose intolerance. And because of these problems, we are often do not consider drinking milk directly on a daily basis or even not consider at all. Instead we eat milk-
products like yogurt, cheese, etc. But on the other hand, for adults it is extremely important to meet their daily needs of calcium requirements. Just having a glass of milk could contribute a lot and can convenient to many of us.

Related conditions

IBS(Irritable bowel syndrome)

IBS is the most common digestive disorder, which includes all the conditions like Diarrhea, Constipation, belly pain, cramps, gas and bloating etc. The real cause of IBS is still unidentified, but as per report its a condition where brain lose control over Gastrointestinal or GI tract.
Most of the cases excluding dairy products, fried oily junk foods are must from your diet.

Lactose intolerance

Here two things to be mentioned. One is Lactase, which is an enzyme produced in our small intestine to digest the sugar in milk. This milk sugar called lactose. This Lactase break the lactose into two sugar form  - glucose and galactose. These sugar get absorbed by the intestinal lining.
Now if you are not able to produce an enzyme called Lactase, the sugar of milk lactose will not break down, instead it moves to colon. And creates symptoms like diarrhea, Nausea, bloating, gas, abdominal cramps.
This condition is called Lactose intolerance. Most of the cases body can tolerate about up to 6gm of lactose as adults.

Is it all about Milk ?

Milk is the main source of pure lactose. Except, milk there are milk products where lactose can be found but in different quality, quantity and combinations like butter milk,  nonfat milk powder,curds, non-fat milk solids, Whey, Cheese, sour cream.

By adding some product in milk, could change the quality of milk and can be really helpful for people who have lactose intolerance, but want to add milk in their diet.

Here's is the solution -  The MILK POTION

There is a magic potion of milk, used by thousands of years by Indian moms and grand moms lovingly prepare for their children is called “haldi ki doodh”. Which means turmeric milk or yellow milk in general.
Now a days, this is accepted by all over the world as a cure of any digestive disorder or tolerance by any cast creed or holy to unholy man, lawyers to lawbreakers, RJ’s to drug dealers. Guess what ? We all  have one thing in common that is lactose intolerance.

Age-Old Original INDIAN milk recipe


2 PCS DATE (can be pitted)

Method :
Boil the milk for 5 min or so and turn off the stove.
Now add Dates and give it a good mix.
Add all the ingredients and pour to cup.
Enjoy it warm.

Note: You can replace DATES with ½ CINNAMON STICK, if you want some change, as both are natural sweeteners. If you add CINNAMON, you have to add it when the milk starts boiling. It is a good advice to take it before going to bed. Stir occasionally as turmeric particles tends to deposit at the bottom.

Turmeric milk benefits

Turmeric Milk Benefits

We call it a magic potion because it has thousands of benefits and a super healing effects. Here are some of the important points to note.

Curcumin is the ultimate anti-inflammatory compound

Curcumin has anti inflammatory and antioxidant property which increase serum activity of antioxidant such as superoxide dismutase (SOD). Curcumin also effects on free radicals and carried out by different mechanisms.

Black pepper in this recipe plays a supportive role here. It contains piperine, which helps the curcumin to absorb in bloodstream properly.

Preventing cell damage

Scientific research of Phenolic and polyphenolic compounds in spices over antioxidant activity shows that, antioxidants in turmeric can actually prevent body cell to damage in any cause.

Brain function and memory

Curcumin can also increase the level of brain-derived neuropathic factor, which means it helps growing new channels or pathways of neurons and promote new cells to grow.
Ginger and cinnamon in the milk is proven to works against age related memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.

Respiratory problems

This effective milk helps to heal respiratory conditions, especially related to cough and cold. It also gives soothing and warm feeling in winter, protects from many viral infections, bronchitis, asthma.

Improves Mood

Recent study shows that curcumin also helps to improve mood, those who are taking it regularly.

Bone & joints health

As we all know that milk have good source of Vitamin D and Calcium. Turmeric and other spices helps to digest the milk, which gives bones and joints a healthy boost.

Purify Blood

It cleans lymphatic system and purifies the blood. As it tends to remove free radicals turmeric milk is identified as an excellent blood purifier.

Naturally treat Insomnia

It is a very common remedy for trouble sleeping or insomnia. Most of the Indian household drink it before going to bed. It promotes deep sleep and heals body, at energy level.

Cancer Prevention

Mixed effects of Ginger, cinnamon and turmeric may effect on cancer patients. It has been noticed that it prevents the damages of DNA caused by the cancer cell. Even some side effects of chemotherapy is also being prevented by turmeric milk.  

Cleansing Liver & Skin

It helps to detoxify the liver and improves liver functionality. In many cases it protects the pigments on the skin. That's why it is also advisable to drink the turmeric on a regular basis if your skin exposes sun to avoid sunburn.

The Bottom Line: Milk has numerous benefits and oldest drink in human history, also drinking a glass of  milk is extremely healthy for children and adults. But due to lactose intolerance most of us think twice to drink milk directly on a regular basis.

In this blog post I am sharing an age old cure of that problem and a healthy answer to your digestive disorder - THE GOLDEN MILK.
A word of caution for beginner, please start slowly as per your convenience. You can always start with half a cup of the milk and slowly increase your intake. Please consult a doctor if you have any major digestive disorder. 


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