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The Human Perception

If you delve into core of different religions, and try to find out what is the secret of life. Or if you are interested to find that one key to solve all your problems and to gain abundance in every aspect of your life.

We need to change our perspective towards life. But our perspective got damaged by ego self and we are not even conscious about that.

Just to think for a minute, our position in relation to the universe. We do not know where the universe starts or ends. In observable universe there are clusters and cluster of stars and solar systems. In one of the solar systems there is a tiny planet revolving around a star. Think in the next half an hour if this solar system disappears. Will it be any matter to the universe ?

In this solar system, earth is one of the micro fleck. And there comes one country. In that country, we live in a city which is an iota, and in this tiny place we acts like a big man, who knows everything and having all the knowledge of the universe.

If we understand this and reminds us all the time, we naturally become more receptive to universal knowledge and intelligence.

Can you believe that? Can we keep reminding our-self that simple thing ? If you are like me, you would say “NO” it is not possible practically. It is really impossible to make one believe, because we have grown and evolved in such a way that we forget who we are and what is our purpose on earth. And this embedded so deep enough in our mind, that even different genres of spiritual healers had hard time to ward off form our subconscious mind.

This unidentified Trojan horse – called “EGO” moves freely to our system and showed up when challenged.


EGO on its own is not totally a bad guy. This particular part gives us feeling or understanding of separation from one another. Also it manifests itself as a tool of defense mechanism of physical body. It creates some kind of identification in our consciousness. So we can differentiate – between you and me, you and the desk at your work, you and the house. In simple word we perceive difference between things. Without this you might not find any difference between you and your table or bottle or may be with your boss (oops). But that’s very true.

So little ego is okay until you dont mixed up things. But the catch is you and your intelligence will not even realize, when it grows and spreads its vine over you your body and connects everything ever existed in past – present – future.

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Relations : EGO - MIND - SOUL

If such is the case, and you find that life is passing by you. First we should understand very basic thing about our life on earth.

  • We are all spiritual being, a small to smallest part of light particles.

  • We are blessed with physical body and mind.

  • Mind signals our souls about physical requirements i.e. when to eat, sleep or any danger when to act and how.

  • Mind is originated to support and relate physical body only to our soul. This process is called EGO (let's call it a good little ego), is a great tool which support human existence and evolution.


The creator does his job perfectly and kept everything well balanced. But, this beautiful perfect balance got muddled up over a period of time and evolved, when the soul forget who they are and began to identify by physical body.

This physical body manifests with five senses, and it identifies with the sensual pleasure. The more we identified with body, we are more dependent on our sensual pleasure.

The more we fed our sensual pleasure i.e. touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, more create bondage our soul.

The good little ego become a biggest giant and human needs become greed.

It gives birth of fear and worry.

But the good news is the higher self (ref : in the first point) - the spiritual being is always connected to the source, which is inside of us and sends messages in the form of intuition, is called sixth sense.

Our job is to try to listen more and more of our inner voice. At times it might seem not practical, but eventually this will be the only right thing to do for the present moment.


So the first step to success is to lower down the EGO part of mind.

To do this we need to change the way we look into the world or in other word changing our perspective. Once you believe that you actually do not know anything about life and its manifestation, first part is accomplished.

Secondly to check on your moment to moment thought meticulously to feel what it is saying. The moment you identify your thought (evil ones) it will dissipate.

If you can practice this for certain period of time, you will find the change happening in you and outside of you. You can feel that you have some power to think and slowly bring change in both worlds.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look will change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer


In western society there is a beautiful punch injected in daily life. Practicing gratitude by saying THANK YOU every moment – thankful mind is always close to GOD. It creates compassion. The heart filled with gratitude emanates positive side of life, thus vibrates at higher level and take you to the source.

But along the way you might meet up your nemesis, who is always with you but surely create distraction. Your mind – which already infected with all-waste believe system and most-of-wrong understanding about yourself and surroundings.

So, a daily fine tuning is the key to success, say thank you to everyone and in every small thing you feel or even if you do not feel. By practicing this you will certainly come to a point where unknowingly ego gets replaced by the feeling of gratitude. In some time you will start seeing and feeling how it is changing your life entirely, but in a very natural and simple way.

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