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Are you looking for a perfect cup of coffee? We got you

When we’re watching Netflix or enjoy watching any other shows it’s a nice idea to have a drink. Some people enjoy drinking tea or maybe coffee.

Just take you a little deeper inside to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Basics of coffee

Did you know that coffee beans are actually green beans until roasted to your preference?

There are three types of roast
  • Light Roast
  • Crisp acidity
  • Bright flavors
  • High in caffeine
Medium roast
  • Moderate acidity
  • Balanced flavors
  • slightly sweet
Dark roast
  • Low acidity
  • Bitter, smoky flavors
  • Least caffeine

Types of coffee plants

There are dozens of species that are all indigenous to Africa and the Indian Ocean area. But the one that represents almost all the specialty coffee is the Arabica species. There’s another species in the coffee industry which is called Robusta. Robusta is described as having a bitter taste or an earthy taste. which is due to the higher caffeine content and lower sugar concentration.

Coffee Processing

Once farmed coffee beans must be processed. which includes removing the outside materials surrounding the seeds. This process influences how the coffee will taste once brewed. Once the processing part is finished beans are ready to be roasted.

Basic steps of coffee making

Selecting your beans -will have the biggest impact on how it actually tastes. In the market, you might see roasted coffee that contains aromatic compounds. So the longer those beans are there is the more chance those flavourful compounds can escape. So for the best testing fresh coffee, you need to be using freshly roasted.

Grinding the beans -yourself if you can because we want to preserve as many fresh beans as possible. Once they are ground they start to lose their freshness quickly. So this important step you really need to consider that when you grinding your coffee you grind it fresh. Ideally, before you brew the coffee.

Pour-over method 
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Brewing the coffee 

Here we have three different methods. Let’s talk about the pour-over method which is my personal favorite. This is the most traditional brewing method where paper filters are used for brewing the coffee. Generally, in the pour-over method, the grinding should be medium-fine. This brewing process is pretty simple. Into the brewer put the ground coffee then just pour hot water. Then to cover all the coffee grounds and wait for 30 seconds. Where it allows the water to flow through the beans more evenly. Once you waited for 30 seconds just slowly add more of the hot water. Make sure that you pouring in circles for even distribution. If the water reaches the top of the cone wait for 5 to 10 seconds to reduce the water then again continue pouring. When all the water is added the final wait for the water running through the grounds and that’s it. It’s ready to drink.

French-press coffee
French press - photo by Rachel Brenner

Next is the French press method, which is an awesome option for simple clean tasty coffee lovers. Before we get brewing let’s check the coffee and water amount. For French press coffee, I recommend one part coffee and 15 parts of water. At first, start grinding your coffee in a medium-coarse grind. Now add ground coffee to the French press and add the water all at once. After that place the lid back on the French press to trap the heat and set an alarm for four minutes. After four minutes press down the plunger. While you are plunging you can get an idea of how the grind is. If the grind is too difficult to press down it means you need a little bit fine so just grind a little bit finer. If it is super easy and the plunger is going down smoothly, it means your grind is too fine so you need a little bit coarser and that’s it. Then gently pour the coffee into your favorite mug and enjoy.

Last but not least here we’ll discuss the cold brew method. For those who like smooth less bitter iced coffee, this is great to them. Here we are using cold water hence the name is cold brew. For the cold brew, the coffee and water ratio would be 12 to 1. So place the coffee grounds into the French press. Add the water all at once into the coffee. Making sure the grounds are fully diluted. Then a quick stir to it. Place the lid on and let the coffee steep for 12 to 16 hours at room temperature. Once it’s done strain it out through filter paper or cheesecloth. Then Enjoy the coffee with ice.

Take away...

When you think that you have enough of your basic flat-white coffee, and there is an inner urge to upgrade it or look for new taste-aroma or new feelings, feel free to research your new love of life. Do not hesitate to even make your version. And surely come back to the article when you think you might miss any step.

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