About me 

Where are you looking for God - when he is in front of you in every living being, in many different forms? Those who serve mankind (and any other living being) are serving God…

I raised up listening all the quotes of Swamiji, My grandfather was a Chartered Accountant running farms in his 80’s and a retired internal auditor head in Calcutta University. I used to believe all these quotes are utter non-sensation at that time. I have been always super materialistic and target oriented guy, well suited in business or today's corporate world. – But there are something some where burning inside me – questioning me – putting me in a same loop over and over again when I wanted to manifest worldly desires, money – house or car etc. What is truth ? When every time you achieve something and you feel that’s not it ? And what will be the answer after another 10 years down the line when that mini-me would ask me one real question, what actually have you done all this year ? Are you satisfied and fulfilled your true self with your work?

 Finally, I feel I have gathered some knowledge after helping more than 700 people mentally and physically with their lifestyle to take it on a little further over blog post.
I have been introduced basic form of yoga at the age of 12 by my father and his guru in a small town, Malda, WB.  I have studied yoga in Bangalore and worked in the health/corporate sector more than 8 years.  Studied, food and nutrition’s for 3 years in Melbourne, Australia.

Travelled Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Bangalore– consult and represent workshops on holistic life and different forms of Yoga.  My work is to find the right solution to your disease; specially lifestyle oriented and draws a unique combination of consultation on - health awareness, food & lifestyle habit and different forms of yoga to improve the quality of your life naturally.  
This site is an offering to the society – so my consultation over this site is absolutely free. I have a little team also working behind this blog, hoping that at the end we have some answer to the real question.


How I got it started

September 11,th 1893

**Some speech of Vivekananda  … “Where are you looking for God - when he is in front of you in every living being, in many different forms? ..........

I simply found 33 years to understand my passion and strength to make a little contribution to humanity.
This site is completely out of my interest to help and change people through a holistic approach towards daily life. I strongly believe if we understand this human body, mind and energy and use it in a proper way. 70-80 % of ailment can be removed from this beautiful blue planet. Let’s join hands and create a better future by changing our inward and outward world.  

Objective of this site 

  • Share knowledge about different condition and how, changing life style and food habit can cure or prevent these conditions.
  • Consultation over suitable life style approach depending on culture, food habits and current health condition.
  •  Motivation.